About us

About Us

O K Y A N U S is a profit-making consulting, importing, and exporting company functioning in Syrian since 2015 and officially registered in Turkey in 2019 under 18877 located in Hatay – Turkey with other two offices in NW Syria. Active in these fields; M&E, construction and food items, and NFI delivery. The main office is in Turkey with two other offices in northwest Syria.

Our Mission

To become a credible source of goods and services, so decision-making in the non-governmental sector is correctly invested.

Our Vision

To move the company services from local to international outreach.

Our team OKYANUS has recruited a great team of experts and professionals with a unique capacity and competencies :

  • Deep and full understanding of the Syrian crisis
  • Multi-experienced with different NGOs.
  • Very well trained and briefed.

Our dream team has given us strong confidence to submit very high-quality deliverables.

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