Capacity Building


Common Types of Capacity Building Activities OKYANUS is covering:

ƒ Business planning
ƒ Business development
ƒ Conflict resolution
ƒ Evaluation
ƒ Financial management
ƒ Leadership development
ƒ Management development

ƒ Meeting management
ƒ Organizational development
ƒ Project management
ƒ Risk management
ƒ Staffing (selection, development)
ƒ Strategic planning
ƒ Team building

OKYANUS is providing your organisation with these types of capacity building:

1. Organizational resources
Including time, skills, expertise, money, facilities and equipment
2. Organizational readiness
Especially if the organization has the ability to discern real underlying causes of issues
3. Organizational life cycle
For example, new organizations need help to create, while others focus on efficiency
4. Access to capacity builders and associated resources and tools
For example, to trainings, consultants or peer networks



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